Glen Releases-Electric Guitar Solos 2019

Tasmanian Aboriginal guitarist Glen Heald releases his seventh studio album, These songs see Glen working in a three piece Power trio format of Guitar, Bass and Drums without any overdubs. The guitar improvisations are deliberately longer as would be the normal practice in progressive rock and Instrumental Jazz-rock. It is deliberate that there are no vocals on this album. The songs are modal based but still contain elements of the Chicago blues style made famous by players such as Buddy guy and Otis Rush. Some of the other influences for the album come from guitar players such as Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Roy Buchanan and David Gilmour. The power trio format allows more freedom for the guitar in regards to chords and melody. The tunes were performed withe the band three times with the best guitar improvisations selected for the album. There was no time limit imposed on the tunes when they were recorded. Glen states "You either get this album or you don't but thats OK because this is what I do and play normally with the band when we play'...."Rock guitar needs to expand like jazz and stop just being a vocal style with a short place for the musicians, this is all about the art of improvisation like Miles Davis or Indian classical music where the tunes can be different every time they are played".
Glen Heald-Electric Guitar, Dave Heald-Electric Bass, Bryan H.Curry-Drums
All songs written and produced by Glen Heald. 
Many thanks to my brother Dave Heald for his help and patience.
This is a fully independent Tasmanian Aboriginal Music Recording.

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