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Glen Heald: News

Glen Heald Releases "Acoustic Guitar Culture" 2018 - June 8, 2018

“Acoustic guitar culture” is the sixth studio album by Glen Heald. The album focuses on Glen’s acoustic ability on slide guitar and picked guitar. On the album Glen is accompanied by a acoustic band. The song arrangements are all original, highly melodic and solely instrumental in a contemporary folk music style. Glen states that …“Influences are drawn from American and European acoustic guitar players such as; Michael Hedges. Al Dimeola and John Mclaughlin. The slide or bottleneck guitar influences are from players such as Ry Cooder and Jerry Douglas. Flute influences are from modern Celtic players such as Davy Spillane and Jethrotull’s Ian Anderson.”
On “Acoustic guitar culture” Glen plays; Spanish guitar, Baritone guitar, Resonator guitar, Steel string guitar, Banjo, Mandolin and Flute. Most tracks have a modern rhythm section and contain many interesting counter melodies and harmonies. The compositions are written in modal tunings such as Dadgad and open G. Once again glen is accompanied by his brother Dave Heald who plays excellent Electric bass and syncopated melodic Upright bass on tracks such as “Reflection” and “Cat’s paw”. Violin is used to great effect on the album and is played by Emily Wolfe who has a great sense of melody and excellent intonation. All arrangements and compositions are by Glen Heald. Highlights of the album are the songs ‘Awakening’ “Reflection” and “The Serpent Stone”. 

Glen Heald releases album "Marrawah" 2017 - September 29, 2017

Glen Heald releases his fifth studio guitar album titled "Marrawah" in 2017. This album sees Glen performing acid rock and progressive rock guitar in a power trio format. Glen is joined by his brother Dave Heald on electric bass and a few heavy sounding drummers, the result once again focuses on rock riffs and guitar solos. Marrawah will not leave guitar fans disappointed as it weaves blues rock and progressive rock together. 

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